Lyrics to me, are very important and that means a lot. I think when I was younger, I got into poetry quite early. It was something that really appealed to me as something that seemed brand new that I really enjoyed doing. I remember it was reading a poem by Rudyard Kipling called ‘If’when I first got into writing poetry. I wasn’t great and I didn’t do it all day every day or anything, but I did write quite a few poems when I was young and they’re probably terrible. But I think that really gave me a leg up really, because when it came to song writing, all it was really was writing a poem to music and that was something I had done before. Except with poetry, you don’t have the music, so it’s all about the lyrics and the words, and that was something I really enjoyed anyway. It’s great to be able to put all of the emphasis on the lyrics and hopefully then the song would be a nice one for me. 

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@levvis_: what does the front of traffic look like ? x

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we can’t, babe ): it’s a sideblog.

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We can’t, it’s a sideblog ):