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Anonymous asked:
Please make some gifs from the new Holding On music video! Thanks!

i did!! haha i was planning to make more this week. thank you for reminding me x

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had THE loveliest day seeing lewis :-) 

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I’ve always been excited about recording and releasing this album [The Morning], but at the same time I kind of feel like I’ve been putting it off just because it’s such a scary thing. I’m never going to have a first album again and I just wanted it to be right. And I was lucky to have that kind of cushion at that time. And to be able to write the songs I wanted to write to write and record them correctly, I think I’m very glad that we did it that way. Also, we’ve done it with quite a few producers, which is nice because you get each of their, kind of, individual flares out on the album, as well. So yeah, it’s been a lot of fun. My hopes for the next twelve months? Uh, well to be alive – I think that’s everyone hope. I just hope this kind of album connects with people and that people enjoy it. I don’t want it to be what people are expecting, you know, but I also want people to be kind of pleasantly surprised as well. And then I hope to tour, a load. I’m looking forward to summer, and doing festivals, and also to just kind of get back on the horse and start writing again and then hopefully be able to make a second record. — Lewis Watson

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Always so incredible, I can’t ever get enough. See you in September, or before, who knows! 

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Anonymous asked:
do you have a link to the video of those cute gifs you just posted?

yes!! here you go, the part i giffed comes up when he’s talking about Halo.